Cooking is so much about the senses. If you read a recipe, you'll note certain sensory cues. Remove pan when onions are translucent. Turn off oven when cookies are lightly browned. The sauce should smell like roasted garlic. But one recent evening the husband turned to me and said.... "What is your favorite kitchen noise?" Huh. Favorite kitchen noise? We never really think about the sounds of the kitchen. To me, the noise of the kitchen is the process, not the product. And to be honest, there are some days I don't savor and enjoy the process. Maybe it's time I re-thought my stance. Don't things 'made with love' taste better anyway? So today I'm savoring.

My favorite kitchen noise? Cracking eggs. Cracking eggs where the first wrist snap has the egg shell meet the side of the counter just right. It breaks perfectly and then the one handed pull apart. I like the crisp noise and precision, which is probably leaning a little towards the type A side.

The husband votes for the sizzle that happens when you sweat onions. (P.S. He also says it's his favorite smell. Good kitchen smell. Bad cologne smell idea.) 

So think about it. What is your favorite kitchen noise?

Let me know your answer in the comments,

-Carlene RD

image via Roost Blog

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