Over the course of a week I stumble across a ton of just plain awesome things. Design and typography things from the husband, random facts from the fam, and my darling social media soulmate cultivates the best of wellness and in my inbox. This is not just a dietitian blog. It's a lifestyle blog that happens to be written by one. Things I find that are too fabulous not to share, from fashion to food will now be corralled thusly: weekly links I love.

  • I'm a speed reader and can crush a 300 page book in a day if motivated. This week I'm re-reading Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice to slow down. Enjoy these Coraline Bickford-Smith edition covers. 
  • Many people are allergic to the same top foods (eggs, dairy, nuts...) but now sesame seed allergies are on the rise.
  • Love Lara bars? Make them at home with this recipe for a chocolate version from fellow dietitian, Danielle Omar.
  • Ombre is a huge trend in fashion...but I think this whimsical rock candy wedding cake decoration is sweet!
  • Happy Olympic games! Browse these flags made out of food and see if you can identify which nations they belong to.
  • DIY: make your own neon cap toe shoes.
  • Graphic designers can be rather frustrated working with design dumb clients. I know this from personal experience because sometimes I ask the design dumb questions to someone I'm married to. They vent their crazy stories on Clients From Hell. And you laugh/face palm.

What links are you loving this week?

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