• Buy locally, straight from the farmer, online. I love how the barrier to sustainable local food is lowered via the internet.
  • Two apples a day keeps the cardiologist away. U.S. researchers found post-menopausal women -- a group at high risk of heart attack and stroke -- who ate two apples a day had 25 percent lower cholesterol.
  • Make your own glitter nail polish. Martha Stewart from Michael's art store makes a ton of colors.
  • I've always wanted to make my own nut butters at home. One time we tried and it was a tad...sandy. This step by step shows how the butter should look as you blend it. Make your own PB at home.
  • I love terrariums with great shapes. One of my most recent favorite antique store finds was a similar looking treasure chest shaped box. You can find gorgeous ones from ABJ Glassworks. 

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.