Because I work mostly on a virtual basis with my social media and nutrition clients I spend a lot of time desk side. Right now my main desk is wherever my iPad takes me, but I hope very soon to have a stationary 'home base' desk. What you keep in and on your desk can say a lot about you. So how to make your desk inviting and fun to work upon (yet stylish)? This week's Friday Favorites focuses on the task. 

  • I love this painted desk top for something interesting. The pop of pink makes it with a mostly white base.
  • Washi tape is a traditional Japanese decorating tape. Use it to block off your calendar, label binders, and wrap gifts.
  • Please, please, please always have thank you cards in your office. I can't begin to tell you the number of people who are surprised when I send a handwritten thank you cards. I have these brightly colored ones from Kate Spade, but I have personalized Carlene Thomas RD ones en route.
  • Calligraphy really makes a card, package, or even stamping your name in a book, feel special. I'm working on my calligraphy, but in the mean time this is wonderful. Get your personalized stamp and pick your favorite ink color.
  • Sure, you could pick up those Bic pens that work 50% of the time. Or, you could order these bright and fun pens that make a statement from Iomoi. 
  • I rely on my 'pink basket' to keep everything important. It holds things like outgoing mail so I always know where things that need to be addressed are. This chevron tray is a subdued nod to zebra.

What do you keep on your desk?

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