I miss 'back to school' season. Sure, it's only been a few years since college and I never want to study organic Chemistry again....but it's safe to say I miss the excitement and organization and planning that happen in late August. And I realized this standing in the aisles of Target.

Per usual, I entered my local Target in search of one specific thing (tissue paper) and found myself in the clothing department, technology department and eventually the office supply area (Damn you Target! Every time!). The office supply aisles are filled with color coordinated items, metallic push pins, Kate Spade-esque planners. None of which I need, all of which I lovingly admired.  

The bottom line is I love the feeling of a fresh start and mid-year reset. So for all of us no longer in school, here's how you can fake that back to school feeling this September. 


How to Fake Feeling "Back to School" Excitement

Do you miss the back to school rush? 


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