I think we've just about reached that time of year where if you want to entertain outside, it needs to be in the shade or at night. And when the weather finally reaches that beautiful stage during the day, the LAST thing you want to do is be inside. Even if you want to watch a movie. Solution? Do a screening outside in the garden!

How to...set up a midnight garden movie

Pick a film and base your invites on it. I love the simplified movie posters like this Life Aquatic one. Next, set up your outdoor screen. I would model mine after this grouping. I mean, you only need a sheet! Serve easy bites like melon and feta skewers, whiskey popcorn, or whole wheat french toast sticks. Hang a few garden lights so you can walk around. Put a garden light chandelier near the food [image source unknown].  Now onto the seating. Layer rugs, sleeping bags [the Anthropologie one pictured is sold out] or throws and of course, lots of pillows.  Personal fav? This zebra rug.  For the hostess outfit, throw on some jeans and a sleep inspired button up. 



Even if you're not ready to go large scale midnight movie, pull out your tablet or computer and cozy up outside! I caught up on Bewitched on Hulu while the bats flew by. Also while I yelled at the few cicadas that made it up here. 


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