As someone notorious for layering sweaters over could say I'm excited about fall. Beyond the sweaters, I'm a big fan of fall spices and produce. Virginia apples may actually top the list, and according to the US Apple Organization, we're a top ten producer. To kick off apple harvest, I'm head over heels for these healthy, mini poppable bites dusted with cinnamon sugar.

They're so easy to make with such visual impact, you'll kick yourself for never doing this before for a party. Ultimate healthy hostess move and fruit platter upgrade. A good source of fiber (you know dietitians love fiber)  and vitamin C (antioxidant and great for skin structure), it's a fall beauty bite must.



  • Apples of choice ( I used fuji here but just you wait for honeycrisp season!)
  • Cinnamon Sugar  


Wash apples but don't skin (fiber!). Using a melon baller, scoop into the apple, avoiding the core. It may take a few times to get the right shape, so go on and eat the ugly ones.  Roll in a bowl of cinnamon sugar and place in a hollowed out apple or on skewers.

That's it! You could totally turn this into an apple tasting station with different varieties

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