Wedding cake trends change about as often as wedding dress trends. You can have super glitzy-bedazzled or you can have simplified elegance. Which is why I think you need to meet the 'naked' wedding cake trend. 

A naked wedding cake has all of the structure of a traditional tiered cake, filling between layers included. But it takes pride in those even layers and what it's paired with for decoration. Of course, the naked wedding cake has started to appeal to me. I don't like to eat fondant. Most frostings are not worth eating from a pleasure or health perspective (although some are ahhhhmazing). For couples who need vegan cakes, frosting is just another big obstacle to try and get a bakery to accomplish.

And many of the naked cakes I've seen, are accentuated by a fruit pairing that is selected for it's size, shape, color and texture.  


This cake with figs, originally on The Wedding Chicks (shot by Half Orange Photography) is one of my favorites. While berries are a common topping for naked cakes, I love the 'out of the box' fruit here. What makes this cake even better? It's from Whole Foods. WHOLE FOODS! What more is there to say?


Love it? Hate it? I would definitely do this for an event.  

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