Healthfully Ever After Wants an Intern!

I absolutely love talking career possibilities with future dietitians and last week when I spoke to a class at JMU, it made me so happy to share what I do and what I know. Why? Because being a dietitian is, for some reason, seemingly a big secret society! For many, there is zero helping each other or information sharing. Sometimes older dietitians make the new ones think you "have to" go into a traditional work position. In can be competitive and catty and old school. Which is stupid. For all of the dietitians who were working in careers outside of a hospital or community setting (magazines, media work, communications) and let me tag along or answered my questions...I am so eternally grateful. But now I'm finally at the stage where I have the time and opportunities to give that same experience to an intern within my business.

Healthfully Ever After is officially seeking an intern and accepting applications.

Intern responsibilities: Let's just say, no two days will ever be the same. You'll be doing nutrition, PR, marketing and research. Here are some things you could be doing:

  • Nutrient analysis for food logs
  • Tweaking a client menu to get it to just the right ratio of protein to carbs and fat etc...
  • Learning how to create health messaging for social media
  • Researching scientific studies and summarizing findings
  • Working on state and national level dietetic organizations projects while I'm on the board
  • Updating content calendars
  • Product and prop sourcing and organization (Recent example: Help me find quail eggs in northern Virginia)

The Ideal Intern...:

  • Can work 1-2 hours a week (virtual)
  • Is highly technology savvy 
  • Has a social media presence/ experience
  • Loves food
  • Is very organized and very responsible
  • Is passionate about nutrition
  • Is a national and state based dietetic organization member
  • Will be a senior level undergrad or dietetic intern as of fall 2014
  • MUST have taken high level nutrition courses (eg. Clinical/Metabolism...) 

The intern can be from anywhere in the country! Although interns within the DC/MD/Virginia area could come along to photo shoots/presentations, it's not necessary, it's fun and you have the potential to learn more. This is not a paid position but you'll have an amazing experience within the private practice and consulting world. I'm more than happy to write letters of recommendation and connect you with other opportunities that fit your career goals if you do a great job! 

So here's what I need: Send me a resume and a short paragraph with your career goals and anything else I should know about you through my contact page. If you are currently waiting to hear if you are matched to your Dietetic Internship, please let me know the outcome (or wait to apply until you know).

Applications are due April 13th. 

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