TGIF! I know the interwebs are crowded with a million and one mint juleps and margaritas for the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo, so I'm sharing something different today. My latest clean cocktail on Swooned is a blackberry coconut cream. Quite frankly, it's dreamy and wonderful if I do say so myself. And the color...who doesn't love pink on Mother's Day weekend?

Healthier Weddings: Berry Coconut Cream Cocktail 

This past week I've been playing with a new blogger toy....we bought a new camera. After shooting with a Panasonic Lumix for years, we decided it was time to make the investment to a piece of equipment that would give us higher quality images. Because clearly, this blog isn't just a 'phase'.  After lots of research, playing with my parent's Canon Rebel and asking Yvonne, my favorite photography friend, what she thought would work for the blog, we settled on a Canon 5D Mark ii. I have had a blast shooting with it this past week!!! I actually find it way easier for me to use than the Lumix. Since I normally shoot in Aperture Priority, I seriously think the switch to a camera body that makes changing the f stop without moving my eye away from what I'm shooting has made photography easier! So far I can really tell the Mark ii is, as advertised, excellent with low light...and the aperture range? MOTHER of pearl. It is insane. 

Below is a part of a shoot I did for a recipe development project with the Mark ii. If you all are interested, maybe I'll do a post on this camera and all of the particulars like where we bought it, what lens I'm using right now, etc. Let me know! 

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