When it comes to snacks, I really like a good blend. Something crunchy, sweet, salty, savory...all in one snack combinations! This is my go to blend for a lighter, healthier trail mix. The popcorn (a whole grain) takes up lots of volume so you feel like you're getting more, but in reality, it's mostly air! The almonds have protein and the dried fruit is a good source of fiber. Just make sure you measure out a portion before you really dig in!

Light Trailmix
Light Trailmix

Light Trail Mix

/// Ingredients ///

  • dark chocolate chunks ( Enjoy Life is one of my favorite brands- also allergen free)
  • almonds
  • dried cranberries
  • Skinny Pop popcorn 

/// Directions ///

No measuring, just mix and enjoy!


Light Trailmix

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