Weekend: A Board Meeting, A Kinfolk Dinner, An Antique Fair

It was a very full weekend to say the least. And Sunday night consisted of me falling asleep on the couch at 8 PM. During the winter months I sometimes get tired of the long lazy weekends...until I realize that come April and May, there is SO much to do during the weekend I need another weekend to recover. Here's what I was up to through Instagram:

A Board Meeting: The new year for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics begins June 1st. At the start of this new year I'm transitioning to a voting position within our Virginia board...and that means meetings. I spent Friday and Saturday in Richmond, VA hashing out all of the details for the new year for our membership. And it's exhausting. When you get so many new people together in a room there's a lot of learning how to work as a team and how to get new tactics for the group to work across all five districts for VA. 

A Kinfolk Dinner: There was no way I was missing the seafood dinner that Rebecca from A Daily Something was hosting. But it just so happened it was the night I was coming back from that board meeting in Richmond which means I got home, changed, got the husband and got back in the car to head to DC! The Kinfolk dinner was hosted at Dolcezza right next to Union Market. Rebecca had a long table down the center of the gelato shop with great food made by Huckle and Goose. I've told you before how much I love these Kinfolk events with the preserving workshop and infusing workshop, but I'll tell you again. Chris and I meet the most amazing, like minded creatives at these dinners and it's introduced us to a wonderful network of new friends. Although it's really tempting for me to bring our big camera to these events, it kind of turns it into work for me. It turns into how to make this a blog post instead of meeting the people I'm having dinner with. I highly recommend attending these events and since they're done globally, even if you're in Canada, Australia or even Japan, look into attending the next event. 

An Antiques Fair: For the past several years the husband and I have attended the Lucketts Spring Market where over 100 antique vendors from all over the mid-Atlantic come to pull out all the stops. This year we made our purchases within the first ten minutes. We go in with the strategy to look at all of the big pieces first and then go back through all of the rows for things like food props. This year we scored two bent wood French cafe chairs to match one we already had for the dining room, but also a head board and bed frame (for $85!)! I'm really excited about the bed. We've been looking for something that is not overwhelming to the scale of the house, but also is very traditional and simple for several years. It's full wood with turned spindles on the foot board and head board. Major score!

But now it's back to the office although I admit I'll probably be outside on my laptop soaking up the sun!

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