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October 2015 Favorites

VideoCarlene Thomas

October, COME BACK! You were a fantastic month!!! Octobers are probably my favorite month of the year partially because of the weather, partially because it's an anniversary month (4 years going on 40) but also because everyone is just re-energized for the new season. I had amazing, fulfilling projects and we're already cruising well into holiday collaborations. Here were my favorite products of the month: 

Boos Maple Cutting Board:  It's a big one. This board is reversible and 24 x 18".  It's the board I use in all of my recent cooking videos on YouTube  and it's REALLY important to me to have a ton of space around me when I'm cooking. When I run out of cutting board space or counter space, I get moody. Also, the color of this is perfect for camera. 

Good Pop Popsicles: These were sent to me after Expo East and I'm glad I got them! I'm not necessarily a popsicle person, but when I saw the flavor listings and fell in love with the fudge version, I became hooked. These are very 'clean' in terms of ingredients and process. Every flavor is under 120 calories, although the fruit based ones are closer to 40-70 calories per. Awesome, strong flavors which is hard to do with frozen product.

Perfect Bars: YO. OMG. These bars are awesome. I'm typically not a 'bar' person because of the fact that the average consumer (and many, many 'healthy people') over use bars. They use them as full meal replacements, or worse, don't count the calories, fat etc from them because they're 'healthy'. That being said, I usually need a few bars on hand for my life. If I need to run out the door or need a bite on a photoshoot I need something JUST LIKE THIS. I love my Zing! bars but these are pretty amazing too. My preference is for the 'lite' bars which have little crispy goodies inside. But all of them are packed with awesome stuff like freaking kelp, rose hips, cranberries, alfalfa and more. These plus a produce packed smoothie would be a great breakfast on the go. The texture is beyond awesome...just remember to look in the refrigerated section for these!

Consider the Wldflwrs jewelry:  When I pre-stalked Nashville for shopping and dining for my conference, one Instagram account that totally grabbed me was this jewelry company. I love their classic minimal designs and brass abundance! I picked up my necklace at Batch at the farmer's market but I would not be mad if I ended up picking up a bracelet or earrings later this year. 

BaByliss Pro hairdryer:  I am a big dumb dumb for not buying a big girl hair dryer earlier in life. Up until this Spring I was using a lovely 'vintage' Conair basic dryer. I'm 90% sure it has the same power as an Easy Bake Oven. As someone who has a LOT of hair, it took me a long, long time to dry with it. With the BaByliss dryer I can dry this mane in 5 minutes (although for hair health I typically let it air dry). If you too, cause hairdressers to tell you "Woah. You have a ton of hair.", you need this. 

Stylenomics nail polish by Essie: It's a dark fall color without being black. It's a deep emerald and man does it look pale skin look good. 

Mother Denim Square Sweater @ Emerson Grace, Nashville:  My holy grail fall fashion item. If snake/alligator skin looking fabric in all black on a sweater doesn't grab you, I don't know what will. This store, Emerson Grace, in Nashville, TN is possibly the best clothing and accessories store I've ever been to. Please come to DC. This is a must shop store if you are remotely close to Nashville. 

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