Guest Post on A Couple Cooks: Tips for Creativity in the Kitchen

Hey guys! I hope you had an amazing weekend. This weekend for us was all work and minimal play. Since we really prefer shooting in natural light for clients for video and photoshoots as much as possible, that means taking advantage of the right times of day for our photo set up. And this week that meant Saturday and Sunday sunlight. 

Today I have a fun read for you! I'm over with Sonja and Alex from A Couple Cooks sharing a piece on how YOU, even if you're a "non-creative", can be more creative in the kitchen. For a few years right after I became a dietitian, I realized I had kind of lost my passion for food. It was fully 'job-no-fun-zone'. But thanks to the husband, I got a shove in the right direction (We've talked about before how stubborn I can be. Sometimes it takes a shove) and ever since then, my work and passion have really been in sync. Most of that has to do with remembering to play in the kitchen and with food, even if it's not on the 'to do list'. And that's actually how FoodSquares and FloatingFruit were born on the Instagram feed. I don't consider myself an 'artistic or creative' person really so I kind of need an end goal in mind when I start something creative. I need a jump start of a total type A task. So if that sounds like you, go over to A Couple Cooks and see a bit more about that story and how YOU can start being a bit more creative today. 


In terms of other things this week, I have a REALLY BAD ASS AND COOL announcement coming in the next few days. Healthfully Ever After is part of a really cool new stop here in DC, so if you're local, stay tuned! It's going to be delicious. 

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