A Fall Life Update: I Pruned and I Grew

It's been a minute since I've written kind of an update post for you all that's not a recipe and I think it's about time for another! These past two months have been crazy. They've been amazing. 2015 has been a year that has just really clicked for me and for my business and even more so in September and October. At the start of 2015 I made my motto for the year "To grow you must prune". I pruned away parts of my business I didn't love, that I didn't want to focus on and that just didn't fit any more for what I envisioned. It was horrifically difficult to 'let go' of things that I had been doing for years. For example, being the dietitian consultant for a school. Or for a long term care facility once a quarter. But after looking at what I really wanted to do and what I hoped this business could become, those contracts just weren't the right fit any more. That being said, as soon as I let go, the Universe was like "Oh hey! Here are a million opportunities for you that are an amazing fit.". And I was like "Okay Universe. My bad. We both know I can be stubborn.". 

So what's changed? The majority of 2015 has been creative content creation. I create recipes, I style food, I photograph and video food. Healthfully Ever After is doing creative collaborations and spokesperson work. And that makes me SO HAPPY. Yes, I'm still seeing clients selectively in the wedding world, but the majority of what Healthfully Ever After has been is creation of beautiful food to share. That's kind of my jam. 

But with these amazing contracts that keep landing in my Inbox, that means the time I had to create content for myself, for you, for THIS platform has been limited. It's a great 'problem'. The bottom line is that instead of the 4 times a week I had been posting with everything and anything, it's going to look more like 2  posts a week. You'll still get the YouTube content, an amazing recipe and as they are published, the BADASS PROJECTS we've created. The hard part is waiting to be able to share them! It will be a little bit less posting, but the posts will be more worth it, more delicious, and just better. It's a quality over quantity thing. But if you want more content, definitely head over to Instagram where I'm posting at least twice a day with lots of behind the scenes looks at what I'm creating!

Life is great. It's full of projects that make me happy and excited. You could say I'm floating on marshmallows!


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