Hi. Come eat lots of dessert with me. It's worth it. It's been months since I've done a DC dining post (the last one was Le Diplomate) and I've finally gone one I NEED to share with you. Earlier this fall Momofuku and Milk Bar opened in City Center DC and we finally had the perfect opportunity to go! For those of you who like obscure facts, David Chang, the creator of Momofuku is actually a NoVa boy. So this is kind of like his homecoming. Alll hail the Commonwealth. 

dc milk bar


1090 I street NW
Washington, DC 20001 

What we ate:

  • Thanksgiving Croissant
  • Crack Pie
  • Birthday Cake Milkshake
  • Cereal Milk Soft Serve
  • Pork Ramen
  • Pork Buns
  • Seven Spice Sour

What we thought: First, that Milk Bar is worth a trip on its own and my personal choice OVER Momofuku as a pitstop. Milk Bar will blow your mind. Everything we had was a good balance of sweet and salty which is EXACTLY what I love in a dessert. And don't be afraid to order the savory options (like the Thanksgiving croissant!). They're equally amazing and I can't wait to get a bagel bomb next time. We actually ended up going back a second time that night....don't judge.

Momofuku was good but I felt like maybe I ordered the wrong thing. The pork buns were amazing but the ramen to me was good but not my favorite I've ever had. For my palate at that moment, it was just too salty and fatty (probably because I just wolfed down pork buns). The husband says you HAVE to use the table sauce with the ramen and maybe that's where I went wrong. Should have used more table sauce. 

What we did that day: We were in the city that day to meet up with my family to go see my sister dance at the Wizards game. If you're not interested in seeing the Caps or Wizards or a concert that night at Verizon center, you could do a bit of shopping at other City Center stores. 

Words of wisdom: Usually I like to have a reservation if possible to leave less things to chance but Momofuku was BOOKED for months in advance. They only have a few reservable tables. That being said, we timed it so we would get there just before opening to stand in line if needed. The line was SHORT on a week night. I say go on the early side, stop by Milk Bar (they're connected) and then go stand in line and enjoy your treat. After dinner go about your plans! Another word of wisdom: the ramen is big so split it and there are only 2 pork buns on a plate. 

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