26 Curated Gift Ideas I Actually Like

I'm sure you guys are just dying to see another gift guide, right? I am sick to death of seeing the same stuff appear on every blogger's post I really hesitated to put up one of my own (and yet here we are), but I figured you may have a more minimalist-classic taste person you need to shop for. Someone who miiiight not be super into a palate of 30 neon eyeshadows from Sephora or a t-shirt that says Elfie. When Chris was actually making this collage for me he went ahead and put stars on the objects I have at home and am OBSESSED with. Super tried and true. 

26 Curated Gift Ideas I Actually Like



  • Gold Bud Vase:  You don't always need a bouquet, ya know? Many of my favorite things are single flowers or branches or general forest fodder. I LOVE a branch of magnolia or from my fig tree. Single peony? Perfect. It's also perfect for beside your sink or your desk where it won't get in the way size wise. 
  • Marble Wall Clock : So you can keep time without looking at your phone but also without being obsessed with the by the second movements. Minimalist and beautiful. 
  • Marble Cement Flower Pots: I am a huge fan of traditional terracotta pots, but if you want something a little lighter and less orange, these are gorgeous. I'd buy a set for herbs in the kitchen. 
  • Glass Weck Storage Jars: I can't remember where I read this but someone once referred to packaging in a pantry or refrigerator as 'yelling'. This makes TOTAL SENSE to me. A ton of labels and advertising on things like pasta boxes drive me crazy. This is my solution. 
  • Jo Malone Green Tomato Candle: For the tomato lover in your life. One of my favorite smells ever is when you brush against a tomato plant on accident in the summer. It's very specific. 
  • Colored Glass: Two things. One, these look amazing in photographs on a tablescape. Two, they're the cool thing you bust out instead of Solo cups with sharpie. 
  • Metallic Pineapple Pot/Vase: Less than $6. Please buy this. It's so cool! AND pineapples are the symbol of hospitality! 


  • Classic Pajama Set: Traditional pajamas are my go-to for winter. I seriously have these style of pajamas in multiple colors and that's my thing. Also, totally appropriate for when you have guests over etc. 
  • Glitter Stud Earrings:  I basically only wear stud earrings but I do love a little bit of sparkle sparkle. These are understated enough but they're all glitter! Check out the link for multiple colors. 
  • Strathberry Leather Bag: You can see my entire unboxing video here of the Mini I got in July but SO beautiful! If you need to buy someone a gift who loves handbags, this is PERFECT because it's a high end but lesser known brand (if you can even get on the wait list). 
  • Wool Camel Coat: While you COULD totally buy this in pink, you can also get classic colors that are going to last you for a decade. Coats are an investment and I've found my camel colored wool coat has been so important since I can wear it with black or brown.
  • Large Initial Letter: Stick with me guys...this link expired. I'm trying to find you a new one! 
  • Abalone Stud Earrings:  Gem stone but also bad ass. They remind me of mother of pearl with clarity.
  • Minimalist Office Bag: Slender and sleek it's all you need to tote around your laptop and headphones. 
  • Constellation Rings: For the person who is all "I mean, I am a virgo. It makes total sense." but isn't full on woo woo. 
  • Gold Knot Earring Studs: Classic cool. I love the knot. Not too girly, not too minimal. 
  • Cowhide Dalmatian Dot Clutch Pouch: For the person who has a thing for black and white: the texture takes it up one more level. 
  • Marble Cat Eye Sunglasses: I have a pair of sunglasses from this store from about 2 years ago and not only do people always ask where they're from, but they're holding up SO WELL. Must buy. 


  • Becca Highlighter: When my friend Claire did my makeup for my CNN interview, she used a Becca highlighter and OMG LIFE CHANGING. I finally bit the bullet and am waiting for mine to come in the mail. I have cheek bones, therefore I need to flaunt said cheek bones. 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour and Highlight Kit: For the girl who likes to be put together but also loves the basics. This comes with a few color variations that can take you from tan in June to albino in January. 

Every Day Goodies

  • Black and White Swan Bag: I am a total psycho when it comes to remembering my reusable bags. I feel so bad if I have to use a plastic bag. While I get sent A LOT of reusable bags (that seems to be the SWAG thing for the past two years), I only keep ones in a specific color scheme. They're all black white and navy blue. This one is squishable to keep in your tote bag so you always have it on hand. Also: Swans. 
  • Swell Gold Metallic Water Bottle: Because hydration is super important and this is a gorgeous way to hydrate. 
  • Meyer's Clean Day Basil Hand Soap: Buy this soap right now. We LOVE this line of products in our house. The basil smells great and we also love honeysuckle. 
  • Gold Metallic Notebooks: Because we can all use a little time with a pen and real paper. I like to keep a small notebook in my purse in case I have free time to organize my thoughts. 
  • Ship Kite Well not every day buuuttt this is the husband's choice. This is pretty cool as far as kites go. 

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