When you see lists of kitchen tool essentials I'm going to bet you a nut milk bag is never on the list. Nut milk bags are something you don't know you need until you have one. When I started making almond milk on occasion and juicing more with my Vitamix, I got real tired, real quick using a cheese cloth. Since cheese cloth requires you to cut and throw away the strainer each time I was over that in a hot minute. A nut milk bag is more efficient, sustainable and requires less storage. Hell yeah. 


  • This nut milk bag is the one I bought for under $10 and it's lasted beautifully for several months. Although the veggies can stain the mesh (kale, beets...yep), it doesn't bother me! 
  • This is the Vitamix I use to make nut milks and juice with a blender. It's ridiculous high power but it's what you need if you want to consistently make either of these recipes!
  • Here's a recipe for how I make almond milk.
  • Here's how I juice using a blender.

Let me know how you use a nut milk bag, or other weird kitchen tools you think are essentials in the comments below! See more videos on kitchen tools on my YouTube. 

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