There are certain shows on TV (Slash only internet? Is TV still a thing anymore? I don't know!) that suck me in. Like fully engulf my life. Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Better Call Saul, Mind of a Chef are all top contenders. And then House of Cards happened and my life will grind to a halt every February as Netflix releases every episode of the season, all at once. So let me just emphasize that last part: you have access to every video, from the moment you start. Which means you are inevitably going to watch two and then turn to whomever you are watching with and say "One more?" six more times that day because you can and also because you can't stop watching. Netflix has cracked the code on addictive television and for that I love slash hate them. 

House of Cards is just so, so good for so many reasons. As a DC metro area-er I can tell you we love to see the city in a story and even better if it revolves around the bat shi* crazy that is conniving personal politics. I love it because Claire Underwood is the best dressed character I've seen in a long time in a very DC realistic way (I know people love the wardrobe from Sex and the City, but for one is wearing that in public in real life).  I love it because this show makes you simultaneously loathe the underhandedness of Francis and also root for him. And lastly, because the best five seconds of television happened in the last scene of House of Cards season two. 

So let's just back up and say, I HAVE NOT WATCHED SEASON THREE. Mainly because I have shi* I need to do and I KNOW I will be sucked in for an entire weekend. I can't crack open this Pandora's box until I have plenty of time to do nothing. On that note, here is your inspiration for your House of Cards recipe for two date. To clarify, it's the date where you go out on the town, not the date where you sit in your pajamas on the couch all day and binge watch. 

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