I bet you've had your fill of pink and red and hearts and glitter for about a month now. Not sure when this started happening but as soon as one holiday is about a week away, stores start advertising for the next holiday. I think that puts us at about Valentine's Day since December 30th. I thought I'd time this month's "Recipe for Two" date inspiration post with Valentine's Day weekend to give those of you who avoid restaurants and traditional V-day excursions like the plague. We are 100% in the same boat as you: holidays are my least favorite time to go out to eat. Things are usually over priced, 'good' but not great, and packed. Pass. This is what we did this past weekend: pancakes and antiquing. And that's better than a dozen red roses and mediocre dinner for me any day.  Let me also just say, this has been a favorite past time of ours forever. While I'm good at finding food props, the husband is AWESOME at antiquing and has consistently scored us art for under $100 that turns out to be worth a couple thousand. He is ridiculously good. So that being said, I didn't have to drag him along. This is a mutual enjoyment thing.

Here's how to pull off this recipe for two:

antiquing date inspiration 

How to have an antiquing date

  • Start with breakfast. DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST before you go out. Being hangry while shopping is the worst. Try these whole wheat meyer lemon pancakes.  We make extras and freeze them individually to toast for a fast breakfast later. Also, bring water. 
  • Be smart about what you wear. Plan for the weather. Plan for smart footwear if you're in a field looking at antique architectural features. For the ladies wear this, for the guys wear this. 
    • Ladies, you NEED  a purse that you can wear over your shoulder. It needs a strap. This botanical print one is my current obsession and it will be perfect for spring weddings.
    • Consider wearing a watch so you can be disconnected from technology and won't be tempted to check your phone. I really like the classic yet modern look of this one by Marc by Marc Jacobs. 
    • If you're outside right now in the dry air, make sure to moisturize. This rosebud lip salve is so beautiful and very antique in the packaging. 
  • Some of our favorite finds we see pretty regularly at the antique stores:
    • Patio furniture that's solid wood and gorgeous. You HAVE to go outside the store to see if they have larger pieces. We scored a biergarten table and benches as well as solid wood folding chairs that make our patio party ready. 
    • Terrariums and cloches. I have no idea where they are coming from, but within the past year we've been able to find great glass boxes and terrariums. Scoop them up to use to hold jewelry or plant things in. 
    • Brass bowls. This pocket change dish is perfect for your keys on your entry table. 
  • One of our FAVORITE FINDS EVER was a carved wood day bed for $25. Because we live in a victorian house, rooms are typically on the smaller scale (well until we blew through all the walls to open it up). Day beds are great for more of a sleek couch or hallway filler. 

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Note: If you're in Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland a few of our favorite spots are along Route 15! 

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