More so than goal setting for the new year in January, I'm HOOKED on the idea of life organization and 'spring cleaning' in January. My friend Yvonne who knows all things Japanese culture tells me New Year's is actually when families spend the holiday together and do some major cleaning. And I love this. Maybe because I am an old soul (No joke, someone texted me at 6 pm for drinks and I was already in my pajamas. She texted back a Golden Girl's reference). Or maybe it's just my 'In' list for intentional simplicity and my current joining this organizing challenge for January. But a good organizing session is just what the doctor (dietitian?) ordered for your next date night. 

january cleaning and organization



  • Get organized: Buy Meg Biram's Get Shit Done organization package  to accomplish more and be focused. 
  • Upgrade your cleaning spray: Meyer's Clean Day spray in honeysuckle . OMG Southern girls rejoice!!! THE BEST SCENT EVER! I use it all the time. Immediately buying the refill. 
  • Use less chemicals and less paper towels. Invest in Norwex microfiber cloths that are antibacterial, heavy duty and last forever. I'm obsessed. Get the travel cloths and the face cloth.
  • Add more plants to your home and improve air quality. Here are 10 of the best plants.
  • Read this article on minimalism: 101 physical things to reduce in your home. 
  • Watch this documentary on tiny homes (like REALLY small). So cool! 
  • Keep dirt at the door. Buy a shoe brush to leave outside the mudroom. Especially if it's an adorable hedgehog.  OR, grab an antique vessel and place it in your foyer to deposit shoes. We use a huge brass champagne bucket like bad asses.
  • Products in their original packaging and labeling are noisy,  even from behind cabinets. I like to store things in blank but neatly labeled (or not if you like an exciting baking experience) container like this West Elm Flour Canister. 
  • Follow my girl Catherine Zinn of Neat Method DC (also from Creative Collective) on her social media. She's a professional organizer! And her word is basically the rule. She also is the mom to bulldog Mr. Juice. Prepare for cute overload. 

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.