I'm testing a new blog series that focuses on two things. First, healthy meal options but secondly, date nights. Regardless if you're a bride to be reading Healthfully Ever After or you're married and not hear for the wedding posts at all, everyone needs a date night. A date with a friend. A date with a husband. Just a night to stop working, to get off technology and just live in the moment. With, of course, food. Each Recipe for Two post will give some inspiration to make healthy and happy happen tonight. This series is similar to my Friday Fête category, but these days I'm craving a lot less partying and a lot more relaxing! 



  • Cozy Cotton Throw: I have to have a blanket during fall and winter. I get so cold all the time and I just love to be a human burrito. But the husband has other ideas and any heavy blanket or throw... he is NOT having it. This cotton throw in fall tones is just right for two, no matter what your temperature preference. http://rstyle.me/n/sw2etswin
  • Woods Wallpaper: Whether you're in the city or the country, nature is the best source of inspiration. This wintery woodland wallpaper would be awesome in an alcove or a small wall. And let's be real: I totally want to snuggle up by the fire when I see this.  
  • Gold Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Shakers: I am obsessed with salt and pepper. I used to think for the longest time that seasoning things with the requisite salt and pepper to taste was a load of BS but I would be wrong. Seasoning every part of a recipe is important if not tedious. And soup always needs a little something extra after you serve it up. (on sale right now for $15)
  • Mid Century Modern Stoneware Dishes:  Research in one of my new favorite books, Slim by Design, shows that beige/tan plates are actually the best for your diet! To see ALL your food, including the diet busters like white rice when you don't know the portion, you need non-white plates. Get them on sale, now! 
  • Chunky Turtleneck Sweater:  All cozy. All the time. 
  • FEED Wheat Tea Towel: For a good cause, update your grimy kitchen towels! 
  • Enameled Pot:  I can not believe this is from IKEA. When I first saw an image a few months ago I stalked this product. I HAD to know where it was from. It was just released this fall as part of their collection!

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