How to Use Up 10 Common Pantry Leftovers

Reduce food waste, clear up space- a spring clean out- phase two of our spring kitchen clean out. 

Have you ever had that realization when you go into your pantry and you see things that have been in there for months and months without use? You probably bought it for a recipe and only used a little, or got overwhelmed with how to use the rest of it? We did a deep dive into our pantry recently and found a lot of weird stuff. Some was for work projects (things like rose crystals or bee pollen), and some was solid staples that just needed to be used up. So we're sharing what we did. Here are 10 common pantry staples and how to use them up.

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1. Nuts

2. Cinnamon Sticks

  • hot toddy
  • infuse nut milk (see above- I throw in some cinnamon sticks while soaking!)
  • ice cream
  • stove top potpourri (find a billion recipes on Pinterest)
how to use up 10 common pantry staples

3. Grains (Farro, quinoa etc)

4. Mustard

  • salad dressing (our must have for vinaigrette
  • pork marinade (pork loves mustard)
  • pretzel dip
  • mac and cheese secret ingredient (truly)
  • egg loaf
  • sausage rolls and sandwiches
how to use up 10 common pantry staples

5. Honey

6. Dried beans

  • if you just cannot with the dried beans and they never turn out: just use them as pie weights
  • creamy white bean soup
  • refried beans or whipped black beans
  • hummus
  • winter pasta with kale 
how to use up 10 common pantry staples

7. oats

8. jams/jellies

  • BBQ sauces
  • a dollop in oats or yogurt

9. canned tomatoes

  • chili
  • tomato sauce
  • BBQ
  • tomato soup
  • pizza sauce
how to use up 10 common pantry items

10. tahini

  • creamy dressings (like a modified caesar salad)
  • hummus
  • creamy sauces for harvest bowls



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