Accidents happen. When you're in the kitchen, knives and hot pans sometimes come in rather unfortunate contact with body parts. Or you're squeezing citrus you become painfully aware of a prior cut ( THE BURN!).

One of the best things you can do to keep an injury from getting worse is to have a small first aid station set up in your kitchen. Tucked into a drawer, I have a stash of bandaids and antiseptic. If I'm bleeding, I'm not making a dash for the bathroom to dig through the closet. I need instant gratification. Take care of it immediately to keep infection at bay and pay attention in the kitchen!

So while discovering an 'ouchie' is no fun, I completely advise picking up some bandages that will make you smile through the tears.

You should Keep Calm and Carry On

Put on something cold (like a pickle)

Soothe your soul with some comfort food ( toast)

And of course, tell everyone what happened.


Here are my top 5 tips to keep you bandage free and kitchen safe:

  1. Avoid inappropriate clothing while cooking. That means no drapey sleeves, scarves, or long hair down.
  2. Turn all pot handles inwards (parallel to the stove/counter) so they're not sticking out.
  3. Clean spills on the floor ASAP. No one likes the slow-motion falling feeling.
  4. Keep knives sharp! While it may seem like it would be easier to cut yourself, dull knives are usually the culprit of slicing an appendage.
  5. Pay attention. No texting while chopping or tweeting while sautéing. Tweet us the pictures later, we will wait!