Little Grill, Lots of Heart

"We HAVE to take you there! The food is awesome...uh, but it may be a little grungy for you."

With the lure of deliciocity and the same comment from several people, I knew my time in Harrisonburg wouldn't be complete without a trip to Little Grill. Was I worried about the 'grunge'? Yes, especially after one too many ServSafe classes, but not enough to keep me from trying what is now my favorite breakfast location EVER.

The best way to describe Little Grill is full of vegetarian, homemade love, with a side of eclectic. It is worker owned and strives for a mostly local menu from the Shennendoah Valley. I'm in eco-love.

We used the front door, but it was so busy we had to wait outside for a table. It was gorgeous and sunny, so we got our vitamin D on.

The decor was retro playroom and an 'I-spy' paradise. Our two friends who brought us say they see something new every time!

Our table of four had a great window seat, with two extra guests. Everyone, meet Luke and Darth.

Coffee was first and our server asked us to pick the coffee mug that fit our personality best. FYI the floral one is mine and the fiance got saddled with #1 Mom.

So what did we order? I went with the special and patron favorite, the blue monkey. It's a whole wheat pancake made with mashed bananas and blueberries. I'm on the search for a similar recipe I can make. The fiance ordered an omelet with a vegetarian chili topping and hash-browns. Of course we split can you turn down options on your first visit?

The verdict: Little Grill was completely clean (kitschy and wonderful, not grungy) with the best service. The food was amazing and flavorful. The pancakes, light, fluffy and moist. The omelet, perfectly formed with the right ratio of chili to egg. The restaurant also gave me a piece of mind knowing I was supporting a great local business rather than a sub par breakfast chain with sticky floors.

The moral of the story: Don't let restaurant kitsch scare you away until you've tried the food. I wish I had gone for breakfast at Little Grill three years ago so I could have enjoyed it up until senior year. Luckily with two siblings at the university, I know I'll be back until the last graduation.