Those who share what they've learned with others give the greatest gift of all: wisdom. 

I've had this passion project in mind for a year now. As someone who has been immersed and in love with the nutrition world for the past several years, I have to say how truly thankful I am for others. Many of us enter into this profession blindly, without knowing where to start, what to expect (Freshman: Woah, what's an 'internship?'), or any of the helpful hints that years of experience provide. Each kernel of wisdom that has been passed on to me through other students, dietetic interns, new RDs, or those who are retired from practice has been more valuable than what you memorize in a classroom.

Wherever you are in your career, think back to the most helpful kernels you would share to help others grow. Be it business based, health and research tips, life balance, or your favorite resources send  me an email, Tweet me with the tag #KOW, or comment with your Kernels of Wisdom.

Check back for updates to the project by clicking the new Kernels tab up top, spreading the word, and sharing the tips via a handy printable pdf.

You can help create the best online resource of tips for nutrition professionals.