Here are the latest Kernels of Wisdom from Registered Dietitians across the country. Both of today's contributors have great social media presence and lots of love for style and a good shoe: women after my own heart.

"After starting All Access Internships when I was a senior in college, the first lesson I quickly learned is that nothing will prepare me for being a nutrition entrepreneur. Once I realized that there were really no barriers to me starting a business, then I applied that to other areas of my professional life. I started my career in sports nutrition private practice (not doing clinical first like many RDs suggest), writing three e-books in 2 years (who stops you from self-publishing?), and doing other professional activities that I should have "waited to do until I got more experience". Those past accomplishments WERE my experience. I call my career the University of Life and I am learning as I go. Remember that nothing will prepare you for the unknown. Jump in and you will quickly learn how to swim :)"  --Jenny Westerkamp, RD (

The field of nutrition is a small, small world. Never burn your bridges, always be kind and gracious, and thank colleagues anytime you feel it’s wise to do so. Remember, your future colleagues are your fellow classmates and interns!- Tamara Melton, @realwellnessRD, Owner-

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