I strongly believe in giving back to the next generation of whatever your profession is. Take what you've learned and help students follow their passions, even if it's not the traditional path within the career. You'll never know how much they appreciate it. While it's time for the page "Kernels of Wisdom" to be removed from my blog header, you can still find the same information within this specific searchable post.

For the full background on the project, read the  original post about Kernels of Wisdom. Here’s the 101 version.

  • What is the Kernels of Wisdom (KOW) project?

KOW is a project to help dietitians and students navigate the confusing and detail oriented profession to be successful. It’s a collection of tips, resources, and advice for nutrition professionals (students, interns, and registered dietitians) by those of who love nutrition and dietetics. The goal is to create the largest centralized online compilation of advice about being a dietitian or RD-to-be and to share the knowledge within the profession. Sometimes there are things you just can’t learn in a classroom.

 The Kernels:

  • “Follow your gut.” For a RD, that’s a double entendre & goes into lots of areas. But bottom line: Stay true to you.-Marsha Hudnall RD
  • A wise RD once told me not to give my talents away cheaply (or free) – it diminishes the value of ALL RDs! -Beef RD
  • Have a creative sanctuary somewhere in your life where you can work uninterrupted. Make it organized!
  • Shift your marketing and talk abut the problem you are solving for increased impact. For example: “I help..(target market)…with…(specific problem target experiences)”.
  • It takes one contact at a time to make your brand or project successful as a speaker. Follow up to make it happen!
  • Want to be successful in your field? ALWAYS be reading something new on your topic to stay knowledgeable.
  • The science really is important. Do the best you can in your science classes because the information you learn is useful in more advanced classes.- Kerry
  • It’s never too early to network .Kristen (Swanky dietitian)
  • Don’t be afraid to “cold call” organizations. I got two summer internships and a couple jobs by just asking if they had any openings/need for an intern. By taking the initiative, I was also able to have more responsibilities in volunteer positions! Try to do as many job shadows as possible! They’re great learning experiences, and it’s been neat to make connections with dietetics professionals. -Tina
  • “After starting All Access Internships when I was a senior in college, the first lesson I quickly learned is that nothing will prepare me for being a nutrition entrepreneur. Once I realized that there were really no barriers to me starting a business, then I applied that to other areas of my professional life. I started my career in sports nutrition private practice (not doing clinical first like many RDs suggest), writing three e-books in 2 years (who stops you from self-publishing?), and doing other professional activities that I should have “waited to do until I got more experience”. Those past accomplishments WERE my experience. I call my career the University of Life and I am learning as I go. Remember that nothing will prepare you for the unknown. Jump in and you will quickly learn how to swim :) ”  –Jenny Westerkamp, RD (jennywesterkamp.com)
  • The field of nutrition is a small, small world. Never burn your bridges, always be kind and gracious, and thank colleagues anytime you feel it’s wise to do so. Remember, your future colleagues are your fellow classmates and interns!- Tamara Melton, @realwellnessRD, Owner- http://www.lacartewellness.com
  • Start branding yourself, even as a student! Making a cohesive web presence (colors, logos, photos) with things like an e-portfolio, blog and Twitter will help spark recognition of ‘you’ in the dietetics world.
  • Mind your p’s and q’s. Always send thank you emails and notes to those who have helped you, answered questions, or given you an interview.
  • Use online resources to make life easier. Sources like Drugs.com, the ADA COI, ADA toolbox, RD411 and others let you focus on important things and use their provided information. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Planning your undergrad courses out? Take more difficult classes earlier in your career so you can have time to focus on building your resume for internships with impressive projects during your junior and senior year.
  • “Registered Dietitians must provide leadership, guidance, and direction to impact health for people of all ages, in all stages of well-being, and at all food decision points.” -Sylvia Escott-Stump MA RD FADA LDN :ADA Journal, President’s intro
  • “Being a professional member and being perceived as a professional are two different things. Professionalism takes a lifelong commitment to competency, excellence, honorable values, standards, ethics, upright character, determination, service mentality, and even a touch of class.” S. Escott-Stump, President’s Intro
  • Dream big, dream early. -via Elizabeth and her internship preceptor
  • “If you do what you love to do, you will never waste time or have regrets if a project or job doesn’t go as planned. Passion is key for any RD (any professional, I’m sure).” – Cheryl Harris RD

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