Thanks to all of the first kernel submitters! Here are some of the tips that will be archived and categorized in the ongoing database. 

  • "Follow your gut." For a RD, that's a double entendre & goes into lots of areas. But bottom line: Stay true to you.-Marsha Hudnall RD
  • A wise RD once told me not to give my talents away cheaply (or free) - it diminishes the value of ALL RDs! -Beef RD
  • Have a creative sanctuary somewhere in your life where you can work uninterrupted. Make it organized!
  • Shift your marketing and talk abut the problem you are solving for increased impact. For example: "I help..(target market)...with...(specific problem target experiences)".
  • It takes one contact at a time to make your brand or project successful as a speaker. Follow up to make it happen!
  • Want to be successful in your field? ALWAYS be reading something new on your topic to stay knowledgeable.
  • The science really is important. Do the best you can in your science classes because the information you learn is useful in more advanced classes.- Kerry
  • It’s never too early to network .Kristen (Swanky dietitian)
  • Don’t be afraid to “cold call” organizations. I got two summer internships and a couple jobs by just asking if they had any openings/need for an intern. By taking the initiative, I was also able to have more responsibilities in volunteer positions! Try to do as many job shadows as possible! They’re great learning experiences, and it’s been neat to make connections with dietetics professionals. -Tina
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