Kernel of Wisdom-Kernel Pop!

 I love collecting tips for dietitians and RDs-to-be! This particular tip is because of the wonderful Elizabeth and her clinical preceptor at her internship in Texas. If I do say so myself, this is a good tip for us all to hear.

"Dream big and Dream early"

Think about this for a little. If you're an undergrad student starting your applications to a dietetic internship, take this to heart because I know you need it right now. Go for the program you want and the job you dream of! If you're an intern muddling through your 1,200 hours on your way to becoming a dietitian, savor this. Not every dietitian and preceptor will understand your goals, but remember to keep going for them. To the dietitians, it's never too late to switch career paths and do consultant,spokesperson,or author work!

For everyone, regardless of your line of work, are you dreaming big?