This week I was asked to fill out a survey about myself for an internship introduction. One of the questions asked what my hobbies were. Answer? Hiking. Preferably in wooded areas without Lyme Disease ridden ticks and with snacks. Yesterday I went hiking on part of the Appalachian Trail (Near Bear's Den in VA) with my beau plus my brother. Hiking, or even just a walk in the woods, is a great way to get in exercise. Remember, exercise doesn't have to be just lifting weights or running on a treadmill. Any body movement is good!

Here's our excursion in pictures:

The view from the top. You can see into the next county!

Huge rocks to leap across made for a great leg workout.

Or huge rocks made for intense planking.

 Mangosteen-esque trail fruit? Let me know what this is!

 Then the trail got seriously steep. *Ahem*

But a hike isn't complete without wild life. Cue copperhead and end of trail segment!

Have you hiked part of the trail before? Any fellow trail lovers?