A traditional Easter menu for many Americans consists of glazed ham, some form of potatoes, perhaps some carrots and asparagus. Which is fine. If you're traditional. But we aren't. We take Easter to the extreme, and if you saw me on Twitter, I mentioned a kiwi and banana practice Easter hunt last week. But the day of, we had an Easter hunt for okra, garlic cloves, and bamboo skewers in the yard. We like a challenge. So it goes without saying that the menu also meandered off the 'normal' path too.

 At some point there was running and shoving during the hunt. Especially from Grandma.

The product of a family who spent years of diplomatic duty overseas, we can't help but to sneak an Asian twist onto the menu. The Easter menu theme was Asian street food and included pho and sushi. So let's talk pho.

 My Easter Pho: Rice noodles, smoked fish, pickled okra, basil, carrots, sprouts, chives, and snow peas. 

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle dish with broth and rice noodles. And it's all about the toppings! This dish is served with a huge spread of  options: herbs, veggies, sauces, and a squeeze of lime.

 Home made pickled okra. Recipe to follow as soon as I can extract it from Dad.

But all tradition ignoring aside, we did have a few gratuitious bunny moments. 

  The husband is a pretty good sport.

 All three kids traveled home for the hunt. 

 Even the dog wore the ears. 

We ate chocolate faux deviled eggs. 

 And a delicious chocolate chicken too. 

 Wishing you a tasty leftover Monday,


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