peanut butter banana tofu pie
peanut butter banana tofu pie
peanut butter banana tofu pie
peanut butter banana tofu pie

Don’t give me that look. Open your mind to new experiences. “I’m kind of concerned about eating this pie.” Says the husband. "What are you making?" asks Grandpa. "Uh. (Think fast. Don't say tofu.) Pie."</span> I half lie. Because, seriously, once I let the cat out of the bag that this dessert is made of tofu, I'm losing half of my testers. That simply will not do.

Unfounded skepticism abounds in the world of tofu recipes. Tofu is an amazingly versatile ingredient. Soyfoods are full of protein and there is even some evidence that shows they may reduce your risk of several chronic diseases. Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Soyfoods Council invited dietitians to make a tofu recipe that isn't your usual stirfry.

Silken tofu is a secret weapon for healthy desserts. By blending silken tofu, I get a creamy texture without the fat of most desserts. In this peanut butter banana pie, the tofu creates the perfect base to start layering flavors.

tofu frozen pie
tofu frozen pie

Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Tofu Pie  

Makes 1 9 inch pie, and 1 mini 4 inch pie



  • Non Fat Graham Crackers (3 C crumbled)
  • 4 T Melted Butter


  • 1 pound silken tofu
  • 1 C peanutbutter, natural
  • 1 ripe banana

Topping if Desired: Dark chocolate, melted

Directions:  Process graham crackers in a cuisinart until sandy textured. Add melted butter and stir. Press into pie tins avoiding the sides of the tin.

In a blender or cuisinart, add silken tofu, peanut butter and banana. Pulse until smooth. Pour over crust. If adding chocolate design, melt chocolate and pour in straight lines across the pie. Use a toothpick and pull it through each of the lines, starting from top to bottom of the pie tin. Freeze for 2 hours, slice and serve. If in the freezer for longer than 2 hours, remove and allow to thaw.

So remember the before reactions? The husband loves it. It doesn't taste like tofu. It's awesome. I personally love the texture and the peanut butter taste. The banana makes a great replacement for adding a ton of sugar that most pies have. What I'm most excited about is finding a healthy and creamy pie base that works. Imagine the possibilities here: mix in pureed strawberries, add butterscotch chips, how about chocolate?....

Will you tofu?

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