1. This pinata cake both concerns me and makes me happy. The fact that the blogger put wrapped candy and lollipops inside the cake, doesn't really make sense for when you cut it. Or eat it. But what if you did this with berries??
  2. Have a pair of heels that just need something...sparkly? This DIY Miu-Miu jeweled heel tutorial is so cool and on my to do list.
  3. French Bulldogs are so adorable. They are basically cats which is why I love them. Since I currently have an old hound dog, loving basset mix edition, I'll settle for these super cute memo pads for my notebook.
  4. Oh my gosh. It is almost spring. Celebrate with these floral straws in everything you drink.

Lastly, one of my favorite Friday reads is The Glitter Guide's 5 Things to Try This Weekend series.  Check it out and be inspired.