I have always wanted to go skeet shooting. Like, this has been going on for years. Maybe it's me missing archery (Side note: Yes, I was an archer before the Hunger Games were cool. I trained with a past Olympian. My bow case may have been camo but it also had a big pink satin bow.). Maybe it's because I've also been told my Oma used to skeet shoot. Color me interested. And then there are my 4 female cousins that competitively shoot rifles. Target related sports intrigue me. So after emailing a friend who has a boyfriend that works in conservative politics, I got the 411 on the best local places that will teach a newbie how to skeet shoot. It's totally happening this spring. If you're throwing a skeet shooting party throw on your tweed, your mud boots and signet rings. Deck the table with evergreen laden candles , a woodsy buche de noel cake  and lots of bourbon. Of course, you can't forget to hydrate, so bring along the birch bark straws as well.

To clarify, this isn't about gun control policy. Would you go skeet shooting?