I love artichokes but I hate preparing them from scratch. It's a lot of work for only a little nibble. So for a while I was really into jarred artichoke hearts in oil. But I just didn't need a piece of produce in all that fat when I like them just as well plain! When I met the crew of Monterey Farms Artichoke Hearts at Expo East in Baltimore this year I was hooked. They provide fresh, preservative free artichoke hearts that are ready to eat. And they are delicious with the best texture I've had. Zero mush factor. 



ArtiHearts come in several flavors including garlic and lemon, herbal, grilled and buffalo. You can eat them warm or cold: in salads, with pasta, on a cheese plate and definitely as a vegetarian alternative in a meat dish thanks to their texture. There are so many applications for a good artichoke heart.  Artichokes are naturally high in fiber and iron and they're also a good source of vitamins A and C. Bottom line, they're great for you when they're not packed in oil! 

Check them out for your holiday entertaining. And obviously, serve them on small plastic swords.


Disclosure: I was sent artichoke hearts in the mail. And they were delicious. I was not asked to write about these or compensated in any way for spreading the word! 


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