Adopt a Black Cat

Happy Halloween! Instead of beating you over the head with infographics on how much sugar Americans consume on this holiday, I want to share a…pet project: Adopting black cats! Sadly, black cats are one of the least likely kitties to be adopted.  Some people are superstitious but black cats are actually considered good luck in many cultures! 

Meet Mochi. We adopted Mochi two years ago and he has been an amazing part of our fur family. He's very intelligent, love-y and possibly one part panther. Every morning we have 'mouse time' where he does crazy ninja tricks as I throw a catnip mouse through the house and he eats the tails off of them. We need a catnip mouse graveyard. 

If you're looking to add a cat to your family, please consider adopting a black cat. When I posted this shot on Instagram, so many of you sounded off with your  love of black cats! And that's purrrfect to us. 


Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.02.01 AM.png

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