Shopping for gifts? If you have a friend who is the ultimate party thrower and entertainer, I have just the thing for you (Side Note: If you understood that SNL Stephan reference, we can be best  friends). This gift guide has all price points and some items are even on sale right now. Happy shopping!

gift guide for the hostess

1. Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise Cologne: It can be seriously dicy shopping for a scent for someone, but Jo Malone has an incredible line right now that plays with food scents. Check out the entire collection and pick the foodie scent that works best with your friend's personality. 

2. Gold and White Rabbit Cookie Jar: A sculptural cookie jar need not hold cookies! I've used a vintage cookie jar for everything from dog treats to bar accessories. 

3. Gold Herb Napkin Rings: Herbs are the secret to flavorful food with less salt, sugar and fat. These gilded napkin holders can be used throughout the entire year. 

4. Marbled Pillow Case: FYI this one is on sale right now!!! I really love the look of the neutral and metallic marbling in this pillow and it can be an easy way to give a sofa a new look. 

5. French Macaron Trinket Box: This. Adorable. I've had my lilac macaron for about a year now and I'm still loving it. I keep it in my purse for advil, although I also feel like it could be a great engagement/wedding ring holder sink side or in a closet because it actually closes. There are a ton of different colors available. 

6. Gold Monogram Mug: I am a coffee fiend, and in winter I'm obsessed with tea throughout the day. Admittedly, I also love a good monogram. This is a great hostess gift to gather for several friends! Just find their initial. 

7. Animal Scrub Brushes: I hate doing dishes. So much. This is mainly because we are renovating and I have been dishwasher-less for months. I will cry tears of joy the day I load the first dish in the new kitchen. That being said, I've come to realize the little things while washing dishes are worth it. New sponges make me happy. As will these brushes. 

8. Monogrammed Linen Cocktail Napkins: So many colors to pick from, so little time. 

9. Onyx Flatware Place Settings: YES. These black forks, knives etc have huge impact on a tablescape. I've seen so many gold ones, but I feel like black is next. 

10. Silkie Chicken Print: Like a scent, buying art is really personal, but The Animal Print Shop has really captured me. I love the copious white space in these photographs and the obscure animals available. A chicken is pretty appropriate for a kitchen, but there are also things like buffalo, flamingos and sheep. 


Anything strike your fancy? What are you looking for?

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