Currently seen on Washingtonian .... twice last week. The Well + Being blog of Washingtonian asked me to weigh on DC restaurant Vapiano to find the healthiest and worst options for readers. They also rounded up 10 healthy spring recipes and shared my beet arugula salad as the cover. Follow them for the latest fitness scoops too!

Currently sharing cocktails with... Food and Nutrition Magazine and Limn & Lovely. For both, I wanted to figure out how to add spiciness to clean cocktails. Check out my hot and frozen kiwi cocktail for Food and Nutrition magazine. There are a zillion reasons why kiwi is a super beauty food. Then jump over and see a Scotch Bonnet & Strawberries zinger on Limn and Lovely


Currently 'modeling'... I'm 5'4" guys, hence that is a major joke. I caught a quick session with a local wedding photographer I love for some new website and head shots. From ducking cars downtown to sneaking in front of beautiful doors, I cannot wait to see the finals!

Currently planting... ranunculus. We cruised the Flower and Garden show this weekend packed with small, wild children eluding their parents who are lugging plants and dogs who want to inhale your ice cream. While I was tempted by a lilac bush, the white ranunculus made the cut for the time being. 

Currently taking... krill oil supplements, (courtesy of Everest Nutrition). I am so not a supplement person. I believe in foods first. But omega 3's, traditionally from fish oil supplements, are a great beauty booster and can help with Renayud's syndrome. So two in one? I'm all about it. I have been taking these for a month and can see a difference in my skin. The best way I can describe the change is 'dewey'. I love it. By the way, krill oil is far more Earth friendly since krill can replenish quickly. Earth Day celebration.

Currently Making Things Happen ... with the help of Southern Weddings Magazine editor Lara Casey and stationary queen Emily Ley. I'm taking their fabulous webinar class. The first one is amazing and I'm working on my 'homework' before we meet for the second session.


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Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.