Some wedding shoots for magazines are completely over-done (See: beaches and Victoria's Secret-esque empty châteaus). But then there's Washingtonian Bride and Groom and Design Army, neither of whom ever disappoint me. Hands down, my favorite wedding shoots always involve a food inspired element. And while they aren't published often, I'll try to share more of what I cultivate with you on the blog.

These honey bee keeper images by Design Army take every beautiful thing about honey and bee keeping and somehow manage to take your initial freak out ('OH MY GOD, get the honey away from the dress!') and morph it into wanting to get over there to tend bees in a gown too. Or am I the only one who gets that impulse? 

I love the moodiness of the lighting in these shots, the Virginia foliage (dogwoods, ferns, lilacs) and the refined but gritty mix of wooden ladders with vintage parlor couches. I love the text with the honey comb patterns. There are so many ways you could work this feel into your own wedding...even by just starting with local honey as favors. 

Take a look at these images by Design Army for Washingtonian Bride and Groom  and see for yourself. 


Note: If you haven't ever explored Design Army, the DC based design firm, you need to. Their editorials are so dreamy and whimsical but stately and refined. Happy exploring!  (All images by Design Army for W.B.G.) 

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