This weekend I canned local produce. On a farm. With chickens. And it was the best night I've had in ages. The husband and I drove out to Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm for a Kinfolk Workshop. I'm going to just gush about this so be prepared. The people, the place, the project were all amazing.  It was like most of us had known each other for a long time with similar interests. The conversation never had a pause. The crazy part was half of the people I "knew" online or "knew of" including Yvonne Rock who is a flat out amazing photographer I'll be working with on a project soon!

Also, FYI: You're also going to see a mix of my Instagram shots and regular camera shots...let's face it, we were having such a blast I'm just glad we got any photos at all! 


Kinfolk magazine hosts events like this all over the world, so please  go to one in a location near you! These events encourage amazing skills like butchering, canning, or even learning how to harvest honey. They are all about a gathering of like minded people.

Rebecca from A Daily Something was our hostess for the evening.  We drove up to the farm to meet the 20 other guests. This flat out gorgeous spread was waiting for us for dinner. Of course, who should I see but Miss Holly Chapple who was my floral designer for my insanely amazing veggie bouquet! It was amazing to catch up with her throughout the night. If you know Holly she is the most giving, honest and freaking vivacious woman ever. She supplied the garland and centerpieces you see throughout. Favorite part? They had little peppers in the arrangements. 


Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm was filled with friendly animals. Free ranging chickens, turkeys and guinea hens chilled in the yard during dinner. The owners of the farm told us all about their dairy cows and their pigs which are in huge demand. Husband says it is the best pork he has ever had . If you ever have a chance to buy their pork, do it. All of their animals are free range, raised and processed humanely. They even got our kitchen scraps after we finished canning!


So on to the canning. Patricia, the wife and one half of Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm, is also a classically trained chef. Her kitchen was perfect for a food based workshop (God, her counter top range was to die for). We made apple butter, dilly beans and pickled onions. Let me also say, canning is way easier than you think it is. You need lots of vinegar, a timer and a big pot. Try it. 

I had a blast! A huge thank you to the partners that made this Kinfolk event possible:

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