fit foodie weekend dc

Do you really, really love food (and cocktails) and think it should totally coexist with being fit and healthy (This is a rhetorical question.)? Then you and I are are cut from the same cloth my friend. So big news! I'll be an ambassador for the Fit Foodie Weekend sponsored by Cooking Light magazine and Health magazine here in Fairfax, Virginia! And you can win tickets that I'm giving away!

green juice and green apple, carlene thomas

The Logistics:

Get more details about the weekend here or if you're already psyched, buy tickets here with the code HEALTHFULLYEVERAFTER for 10% off! 

  • Mosaic District, Fairfax VA (They have Cava and Target, so come anyway)

  • June 19-21, 2015

  • VIP Cocktail Party

  • Fit Foodie 5k with Cooking Demos, Food and Fun at Finisher's Village

  • Sweat Sesh and Brunch with Celeb Trainer Tracy Anderson

This event has a big place in my heart because it's honestly the first event I've ever seen that so seamlessly combines AWESOME FOOD with fitness. Many fitness events I see are promoting a specific restrictive dietary behavior or extreme measures but this one I KNOW is awesome because they're partnered with Cooking Light magazine. I.e. A FOOD MAGAZINE. My people! 

two people win two tickets!

There's something for everyone during Fit Foodie weekend, even if you're not a runner so grab your girlfriends and come hang out! A portion of merch and ticket sales also benefit the American Diabetes Association! 

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