I adore my Georgetown studio. Not only is it literally the most fabulous location with the most wonderful people, but I've made so many great friends and connections by just existing in the space alone! One of those people is Sarah, who is half of the blog 52 Thursdays and also my date for the Palm Breeze and Blo event in Dupont I was invited to the other night. 

A Lyft was sent to pick us up in front of the office to cart us across town...after crossing the bridge to VA and saying "South East right?". Eventually when we reminded the driver that NO, the neighborhood of Dupont has NEVER BEEN in South East (what??), we arrived at Blo which is perfectly situated across from a Bubble Tea bar and next to a Barre studio. Somehow, the prompt Virginia girls that we are, Sarah and I were the first to arrive despite heading toward the opposite side of town. If you ever attend events that involve hair or nails, I strongly recommend actually trying to get there early anyway so you actually have time to enjoy without waiting!

Palm Breeze in hand, we went for beach waves and my stylist told me, as have many before her..."WOW. You just have a LOT of hair!". This was honestly the first non-haircut styling I've ever had done, save for prom in high school. I swear that even includes my wedding where I realized "Oh right...not sure what I'm doing about the hair today" and threw that biz-nas up in a bun. Long story short, if you too are a styling virgin, ask for very loose waves. Never say the word 'curl, ringlet' etc lest you end up looking a little more Shirley Temple does South Carolina and a little less mermaid (see above). Lesson learned (but day two and three hair are sure to be perfect). 

Hair completed, Sarah and I chatted with our hostess for the evening, Lauren from The Skinny Confidential and headed home with hair protected against a tinge of Spring humidity.

What was your first styling experience like? What do you and your friends do for a weekday pick me up?

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