Welcome back from Labor Day Weekend to those of you in the US! So many people consider Labor Day to be the last day of summer and therefore the day AFTER Labor Day is so intensely the first day 'back to work'. Or at least getting back into the swing of checking email or setting appointments and the like. I've mentioned before how much I love those first few days. I loved back to school and the feeling of a fresh start in 'fall' that was part of the reason I wrote my new ebook, Back to Basics: The 1 Week Healthy Habit, Nutrition and Workout Detox Plan which launched last week.  If you want to hear more about the book and see inside, make sure to check out the YouTube video on my Back to Basics ebook here. Or, if you want to see what the meal plan is like, you can check out yesterday's recipe post for the Asian Rainbow Salad with Shrimp. That's just one delicious bite! 

I figured there were definitely a few of you who probably feel like a fresh start in your nutrition and fitness life would be helpful right now so I'm giving away a copy of the ebook below!

back to basics ebook: the one week healthy habit, nutrition and workout detox plan

GIVEAWAY: Win A Copy of My New Ebook: Back to Basics!

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