Guys, guys, guys! I'm so excited to share this news with you. Back in December 2014 when we finished the first ebook, The Wedding Wellness Workbook: Your Nutrition How-To Before I Do, we didn't realize how well it would do. How well it would be received. How many emails we would get with readers who wanted to say it was a fresh look at the topic. It was a nice surprise! So, after recovering (eventually) from the process of making an ebook for the first time (a month later) I wrote the second book:

Back to Basics: The 1 Week Healthy Habit, Nutrition and Workout Detox Plan. 

Throughout the next few months we added, subtracted, brainstormed and reformatted. Summer was a horrible time to launch a new product, but for the better because we realized that this book was just what was needed after a summer of cocktails and treats. So here she is: Your 1 week reset tool to get back on track. After 10 rules to guide you, there's a 1 week meal plan at several calorie levels and a grocery list. I also worked with my sister, a NBA dancer and personal trainer to get you a fitness plan. And then there are a million and one extras! 

Be sure to watch the video where I explain it all and show you parts of the book (also embedded at the end of this post)! 

Download it here!

NEW EBOOK! Back to Basics: Meal Plan, Fitness Plan and More!

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