Weekly Lovely Links

  •  I constantly think about a cocktail I tried a sip of at Founding Farmers (Thanks Danielle!). This cantaloupe mint popsicle recipe may be a good taste match.
  • Make a summer party punch for a bunch of friends. Use this infographic to mix and match ingredients, but know the correct proportions. My concoction would be vodka, cucumber puree, and ginger liqueur.
  • If you're ever looking for a food related educational print for your kitchen, Illustrated Bites is amazing. I love the ones with recipes painted on.
  • The latest obesity stats are out. Mississippi has the highest obesity rate while Colorado has the lowest. Shouldn't we be studying WHY Colorado does well for a tactic that works?
  •  5 hour energy is thinking about making a candy bar under 100 calories that can 'stave off hunger for 3 hours'. Here's a crazy thought...I think there's already something like that. They call it fruit.

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