Normally Fridays bring about a weekly Friday Favorites post. This week, I've had a different project going on: taking photos for an updated site. Throughout this blog I've had a handful of different head shots and some random 'about me' pictures from the giant doughnut to wedding pictures. But it was high time for an true update and so we set out into historic Northern Virginia for a backdrop. More specifically, we took many shots at the Thomas Birkby House in Leesburg where we had our wedding last fall. Ideally, photo shoots are obstacle free. Realistically, we were in a bustling town, with enormous balloons and high heels, on a slightly breezy business day with pedestrians and cars. So while we managed to get many photos I'm so pleased with (To be shared soon, I promise.), these are the outtakes. My general goal during the morning was to make sure the husband did not get hit by passing cars (see photo 3) and pretend it wasn't weird at all that people were staring (see photo 2).

   No wonder models drink champagne backstage at fashion shows. 

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