We’re moved into our new house and are up to our ears in boxes, barware and baggage. This week’s Friday favorites were the husband’s idea: his now ongoing ‘honeydew’ list. Clever for a dietitian husband, I might add. Our house restoration and decorating is more difficult than most. You might say we like a challenge, and we certainly purchased one. Because our home is in a historic district, every decision we make regarding the exterior property requires passage by the board of architectural review. Did we mention they're sticklers for historically accurate? Bless their hearts.

  1. Find a beautiful, architecturally appropriate front door.
  2. Create smart entry way stops with antique mirrors.
  3. Tile the backsplash and sneaky interiors, like the pantry.
  4. Find an office desk. Note: He says I’m not getting this 3 thousand dollar table as a desk. I say, anything that’s not a stack of boxes to type on, is a win.
  5. Build tons of shelving for our growing library. And a cat shelf for the window is a must.
  6. Plant the boxwoods and shape.

What's on your house to-do list?....or your husband's?


Note: Photo sources hyperlinked via Pinterest.