If you live in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, there's an event this weekend I highly recommend attending: Lucketts Annual Spring Antique Market. This fair is completely packed with amazing antiques and is worth every cent of the ticket cost ($7). Last year the husband and I went on a whim and came home with my giant white greyhound statue, a gold carved round mirror, brass and gold  Victorian boxes and brass crab. Now that we have a whole house to decorate, we may just have to bring the big car to the market.... Some words of wisdom: Get there early (there's a line!), snag something when you see it (it will be gone when you get back), and bring cash. 


FRIDAY FETE HOW TO....Go Antiquing

Going antiquing, especially at a show, is intense. Before leaving, prepare a cooling beet salad with cheese so you can relax when you get home. Bring a water bottle (and coffee). Wear a light striped sweater and pair it with fun neons. Top it off with a waxed canvas jacket in case it rains. Bring sunglasses and a matching tortoiseshell bracelets. Don't forget the Sperry's. Skip your usual wallet and opt for the J. Crew Magic Wallet for the essentials (side note: I am obsessed with mine.) And above all explore. You'll find everything from pink typewriters to cow hide rugs. 


Shop the fete below/// Have you been antiquing recently? Where do you go?

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