Yesterday I was hosting a corporate wellness event when someone asked me what the date was. April? Wrong. How did May come so quickly this year?! I cannot get used to it. That being said,  I was excited to switch over my Inslee watercolor calendar. Regardless of if you're ready for May or not, Cinco de Mayo is definitely the best way to jump straight in. This week's Friday Fete is all fiesta inspired. And because I love you, I've also rounded up a few amazing recipes to help get you started:


Friday Fete How to.....Cinco De Mayo

Bring on the party and create fruit shaped piñatas. Decorate with emerald parrot prints (or wear it like this LOFT dress I saw the Fashionably Broke wearing when I met them for a LOFT opening). Not into birds? You must wear bright colors like a striped top with coral baubles. Serve mini avocado salads in their shells for less dishes and give everyone tiny tequilas. Let your napkins party too, and DIY these confetti gold pieces. And not to be too obvious, but these colorful cacti are way low maintenance. 

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